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From ages 9 to 12, architectural studies can provide children with a deeper understanding of the built environment and its impact on society.

Features that Set Us Apart


Child Centred Education


Unique & Fun Learning Approach


Experienced Middle Childhood Specialists


More Than Just A Course

Elevate Your Overall Development in One Go

With a child-centered education approach, we prioritize the individual needs and growth of each child, ensuring they receive personalized attention and support throughout their journey. Our unique and fun learning approach sparks their imagination and curiosity, making architecture an engaging and enjoyable experience. Our team consists of experienced early childhood specialists who bring their expertise to create a nurturing and stimulating environment for young learners. 

Additionally, Muses Education offers more than just a course. Our children's architectural studies encompass emotional well-being, nurturing a healthy and balanced mental and psychological development. The programmes equip children with essential soft skills like cognitive development, verbal reasoning, resilience, and problem-solving, preparing them for future success. 

Join us as we empower your child to become a creative thinker and a confident architect of their own dreams.


Programme Objectives

Critical & Analytical Thinking

Solving complex design challenges, fostering logical reasoning, and analytical thinking skills.

Architectural Knowledge

Learning about architectural styles, structures, and historical significance, fostering architectural literacy and understanding.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Encouraging creative problem-solving, idea generation, and an entrepreneurial mindset in architectural projects.

Sense of Empathy

Designing spaces with consideration for diverse needs, promoting empathy, inclusivity, and understanding.

Communication Skills

Presenting design ideas, collaborating with peers, and articulating architectural concepts to enhance communication and teamwork abilities.

Social Caring

Exploring sustainable design practices, promoting environmental consciousness, and instilling a sense of social responsibility.

Start your amazing architectural journey today!

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