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Architectural Student

For children aged 13 and above, architectural studies can serve as a platform for self-expression and career exploration. 

Features that Set Us Apart


Professional Training Towards Qualifications


Higher Education Prep and Admissions Consultancy


Experienced Teenager Specialists from Architecture Field


Life Planning and Career Exploration

Equip Your Children for an Evolving Future

Beyond traditional learning, we offer professional training towards qualifications, ensuring that our students gain the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career in architecture. Moreover, we provide higher education prep and admissions consultancy, guiding aspiring architects to pursue their secondary and tertiary school lives also through the university application process.

With our experienced teenager specialists from the architecture field, students receive valuable insights and mentorship, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities ahead. We also prioritize life planning and career exploration, helping students discover their passion and align it with their career aspirations.

Join our warm and educator-led environment as we empower young minds to unlock their potential and build a solid foundation for their dreams.


Programme Objectives

Independent Thinking

Encouraging independent thought, analysis, and evaluation of architectural concepts and design solutions.

Advanced Design Concepts

Exploring complex architectural designs and concepts, fostering creativity and advanced problem-solving skills.

Architectural Theories & Studies

Engaging with architectural history, theories, and research, promoting deeper understanding and academic knowledge.

Maturing Entrepreneurship

Developing entrepreneurial skills, innovative thinking, and business acumen in architectural ventures to ensure the student is well-equipped.

Empathy & Responsibility

Designing spaces with consideration for human needs, promoting empathy, social responsibility, and ethical design.

Social Impacts

Exploring the influence of architecture on society, the environment, and urban planning, fostering awareness of social impacts.

Start your amazing architectural journey today!

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